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Skip Bin FAQ’s

Because we are a local business, we understand the importance of strong ties to our community and our customers. Our business is built from customer referrals and excellent customer reviews. We do not take you for granted as we strive to forge life-long relationships with our customers. [/accordion-item]

We are conditioned, almost from birth, to believe that bigger is always better. While that may be true when it comes to Nan’s chocolate cake, it is certainly not the case when it comes to providing customer service. Because Fast Skip Bins is a small company, we have several advantages over larger skip bin providers.
  • Personalised service that allows for schedule changes and adjustments to bin size and pick-up and drop-up frequency.
  • Exceptionally speedy delivery of your bins, it is typical for us to deliver your bins about two hours after you call us.
  • Fair and competitive pricing for all of our customers, regardless of the bin size or frequency of delivery and retrieval of the bins.
  • Ease of communication is important to us. We keep our customers in the loop regarding the arrival and removal of bins, and our team members are easy to reach if you need to share some information with us.
  • Being flexible is easy for us, and we will deliver on Saturdays, nights, and evenings if that is what is most convenient for you.
  • Maintaining our standards and ethics is second nature for us, and we like things that way. It is easy to oversee our team and convey the importance of treating customers well as you are the lifeline of our business. Our high standards are understood and adhered to by all team members.

At Fast Skip Bins, we are as eager to fill an order for a three cubic meter bin as we are to take care of an order for half a dozen 12 cubic meter bins. We will manage your rubbish regardless of amounts.

We maintain a variety of bin sizes to be sure you have enough space but are not paying for unneeded space. Our bin sizes:

  • Three cubic meters
  • Four cubic meters
  • Six cubic meters
  • Eight cubic meters
  • Ten cubic meters
  • 12 cubic meters

Although it is somewhat common for skip bin providers to avoid the topic of pricing, here at Fast Skip Bins, we strongly believe in transparent pricing so you will not get an unpleasant surprise on your invoice.

Our online booking system reveals our prices with no obligation to make the booking.

We determine our prices based on a few key factors such as: 

  • Type of material you will remove
  • The weight of the rubbish
  • The shape of the material
  • Your location

Our general area is approximately 50 km out from the Brisbane Central Business District on the north and south sides of the city. However, we will provide service for other areas including:


  • Gold Coast
  • Ipswich
  • Moreton Bay
  • Redcliffe
  • Redlands

Here at Fast Skip Bins, we understand that you have much more to do on any given day than to spend time worrying about how to dispose of rubbish. Let us take the headache of waste management off your plate. We can solve your trash disposal problems quickly and economically.

Free Instant Quote

Our online booking system shows instant quotes with no obligation to book. Pricing shown is for standard 7 day hire.

Alternatively you can call our customer service team for obligation free quotations on shorter or longer term skip bin hires.

Customer service

We are Here to Help

Communication is extremely important to our hard-working team here at Fast Skip Bins Brisbane. Our staff members understand fully just how important strong communication practices are. That’s why they work hard to help customers select skip bins that are appropriate for their specific rubbish removal needs. If you need a durable skip bin that can help you manage a relatively small office cleanup project, our employees can help you find the most affordable and practical choices available to you. We have three cubic metre bins that are fantastic for basic residential cleanup efforts. Since these bins are so small, they’re extremely reasonably priced. We also have much larger skip bins that can accommodate all sorts of other rubbish removal requests. We make a point to give our customers access to large skip bins that still manage to be low priced. ​

We are a Proud Local Brisbane Company with Dependable Service & Support

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Call our established business as soon as possible to learn more about our amazing service and to reserve your skip bin or bins. We’re a company that has an excellent reputation in this beautiful city and beyond.
We’re also a company that’s known for our reliable and affordable rates. If you care about efficient rubbish removal in Brisbane, getting in contact with Fast Skip Bins Brisbane is the way to go.